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Who said that is not the world of music , even among the stars, there is friendship ? Lady Gaga fans at the Britney Spears concert . Duet in sight for the two pop stars who tweeted their photos together. Miss Germanotta, with a thick blond hair , was in fact presented to the friend’s […]

This post will be dedicated to a singer who in the last year has combined many, but so ‘many , that more’ can not ‘ do. we’re talking about Justin Bieber that all ‘ culmination of a year of wild life has been arrested. The ” extravagance ” of the pop star is documented by […]

Imagine being able to enjoy the pleasurable sensations that gives the thrill of alcohol without running the risk of driving, or the annoying noise of the “hangover” that are cursing that last glass. Now you can. Or rather, you could, according to a British scholar of psychopharmacology, David Nutt, who claims to have found the […]

Two American scientists are facing a secular and never solved the problem of humanity : that of splashing pee in urinals . the goal that you have set two scientists and professors at Brigham Young back in Utah , you will find the ideal solution to put an end to the scourge that has lasted […]

  Do you believe in aliens? not like Alicia Keys who joked about the existence of UFOs and confesses that he would like to take a trip into space: “I believe in aliens, I saw them, UFOs are among us.” I do not know if I would go into space with an alien. Should I […]

  Lady Gaga, provocation and controversy via Twitter for the new single. On the cover of “Do What U Want” dominates her naked ass and she throws barbs via tweet ironic to those critics, Playing on the title of the song, in fact, Gaga post some pictures accompanied by hashtag like “say what you want […]

December 3, 2013

Let’s talk about Fellatio . The psychologist and sexologist Catherine Lyubimov has opened in Moscow the first school in the world of oral sex , to teach women – young and old – how to win your man in bed with a ” perfect fellatio .” Classes are held three times a week and provide […]

This photo shows ” Noventa Del Piave ” , a quiet Venetian resort , but that ‘ this summer did raise the mercury at temperatures much more’ Hot . The city of Venice has indeed become for the second consecutive summer the cradle of swingers . However, for the second year in a private club […]

Even Mariah Carey, it would seem that the whole house and church , has left groped by the HOT photos . Here it is in fact in bra to celebrate the 33 years of her husband Nick Cannon . The pop star chose a “gift” really special : it has posted on Twitter a shot […]

We are in Ukraine. A couple gets overwhelmed by the passion and thrill to try some more ‘ decides to make love on the rails of a railroad . But the two lovers drunk had not reckoned with the train. Result she died on the spot , he lost his legs , severed from the […]

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