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We still speak of the Italians under the sheets. One in four couples says it could not break the two -minute duration of sexual intercourse . These “micro- services” are often a source of tension between the partners , to the point trigger serious consequences for the couple’s life and lead to infidelity . Research […]

What you see in this picture is the ‘ Antony Palace Hotel . What is special ? It is a glass hotel HARD.Si located in Marcon , town of 16 thousand inhabitants in the Veneto. The special feature of this hotel is that it shows what happens in the rooms because the hotel’s walls are […]

The Italians and the sex ratios nine times per month with an average duration of two minutes. A research shows that sexual relations made ​​in Italy create frustration in the couple : the main problem is premature ejaculation. With an average of 9 sexual intercourse per month, Italians are between the most dedicated fans in […]

Let’s talk about Lady Gaga on twitter has unveiled the cover of ” Artpop ” his latest CD to be released on November 8 . Gaga has become immortalized in plastic version completely naked , with a blue ball in the middle of the legs, while covering her breasts with her hands. In the background […]

A saddle for the bike. It would seem ….. But not a normal saddle . It’s called Happy Ride and is a vibrant seat covers , to make it exciting travel on two wheels. controls are hidden in a back pocket which also contains the battery. It rises some doubts about the actual use and […]

Here are two world records still stand . The video more ‘ seen in the world on the net is Gangnam Style Psy . It ‘ been viewed nearly 500 million times a billion . An astronomical figure . Another record for the ticket is more ‘ expensive for a concert. To see Bon Jovi […]

Sold OUT in 3 hours. The first lipstick signed Rihanna was sold in just 3 hours . It’s called Woo Ri RI and is the lipstick line of cosmetics from the cost of 15 euro which has signed Rihanna. During one stage of the Diamond World Tour booths that sold this lipstick were literally assaulted […]

Return Cher. Exactly 12 years since the last album of unreleased , is in promotion in recent weeks around the world his 26 mo album titled Closer to the truth . The single that drags the album is Woman ‘s world ( the world of women).

Barcelona capital hard. It is in fact taking place these days in the Spanish city Salòn the erotic, the most important European hard. In this edition there will be over 60 guests to enliven the event. Will be awarded the “Ninfa de Oro.” Obviously we can not show you the pictures, but we can enjoy […]

Let’s talk about that Madonna has made a shocking confession. has ruled that a U.S. magazine, Just moved to New York from Michingan, was robbed with a gun, pushed with a knife in the back on the roof of a building and raped. and to make matters worse his apartment was burgled three times. . […]

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