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A man is accused of having led an entire evening with a friend who died in a car, bringing it in some bars and a strip club, also taking money from the ATM card of the deceased. Initially it was a general explanation that the man wanted in this way one last time to honor […]

Perhaps many women take off their makeup at night for comfort and to feel clean, but the trick is to take off her medical need, as he discovered to his cost a young Korean girl. Bae Dal, who is now 21 years, had long been a veritable craze for the trick, until it has reached […]

Last week we saw what men do during sex, now we see what they think. Many men in those moments it merely focus to delay orgasm. Some, however, are totally absorbed in their partner which they hope to experience a unique pleasure that makes it seem like amateurs all other partners. Then there are the […]

Young children often resent the planes, and many passengers do not bear children on the plane. Among these must surely be a passenger on a flight to Vietnam, he did all the flight next to a mother with a crying baby. Immediately after landing, the woman asked for help to the young man because he […]

Police officers, who were conducting a regular patrol, could not believe their eyes when they saw a man walking around the Dupont Avenue South Minneapolis. For the man was wearing only a pair of shoes with vertiginous heels. When the man of 63 years has noticed the presence of the police, attempted to rush to […]

From Japan comes a curious gadget for those who want to avoid the embarrassment of being in the bathroom and to hear all the noises to outsiders. The gadget, called Eco-Otome, is designed for those who must use the bathroom at the home of friends or relatives (perhaps in-laws: it seems that many people have […]

A Serbian woman, Mirjana Gavaric, ended up in hospital, near Belgrade, after trying to use a pine cone to masturbate. When the woman tried to remove the cone from the vagina, the cone has been painfully stuck inside with a “hook effect”, and she could not help but bring him to the hospital to seek […]

A man aged 39 was arrested in Indianapolis for abandonment of a minor, to have left the 5 year old son alone in the truck while he went to a strip club. The fact came to light when the man who was apparently very drunk, went to the police to report the theft of the […]

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