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What's Man think during sex?

Written by on July 6, 2012

Last week we saw what men do during sex, now we see what they think. Many men in those moments it merely focus to delay orgasm. Some, however, are totally absorbed in their partner which they hope to experience a unique pleasure that makes it seem like amateurs all other partners. Then there are the victims of the condom, a true enemy of the excitement in men and this is real distraction for those who have a good relationship with it for those who do not ever remember where they put it. The victims of “Who made me do?” When a man longs to be in the midst of a sexual relationship that does not satisfy him think of nothing else: from gas bills to football, all distractions are good. Proponents of threesomes. Sometimes he could think of another: his ex still loves you, your friend that he liked best, a girl who was, who had her breasts smaller but the bum was more beautiful.


Marco Guarino

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