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Written by on July 17, 2012

We seen a ranking of the news more ‘fancy with the 2012. Curious to have more news are more “hot” in the first place because there is the story of a man who called the police rather than having sex with his wife, asking him every day moments of intimacy, unable to obtain them for many months.
In second place the story of a Brazilian woman authorized by the court to masturbate at work, a story that has made much fanfare in May, raising much controversy among physicians and psychologists who believed that the behavior of the woman, who suffers from a sort of “hypersexuality” should be better investigated, since it was probably a symptom of some other disorder.
In third place, the news of a young Indonesian after being discovered having sex with a cow, was forced by village elders to marry the animal, as a punishment and as a cleansing ceremony for the village. The other positions on the next post!


Marco Guarino

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