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3 hours Orgasm long

Written by on March 11, 2014

Orgasmo di 3 ore (sexy news)Seattle, woman hospitalized for  an orgasm lasted three hours
“Do not you think it’s funny.” It ‘was the warning of Liz, American from Seattle, after she was hospitalized almost “dying” for putting up with an orgasm that lasted three hours. Liz began to worry after having sex with own boyfriend and realizing that pleasure is not diminished. The doctors initially thought of a hardship, then they discovered the problem. “I started jumping up and down to see if that would do something – he told Liz -. I tried to drink wine to see calm my body.” But it was all useless, so much so that the couple has had to resort to the emergency room. The two told the embarrassing visit to the hospital because orgasm Liz never ended. When doctors have identified the problem, the odyssey is over for Liz.

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