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A finger for you…

Written by on 19/03/2014

medium fingerFirefighter shows the middle finger after another fine arrested in Milan. It is heavily against a woman who often parked in ” no parking ” in front of a school in Milan and , although he was in civilian clothes , was able to do it fine once again by his colleagues and then showed his middle finger. For this and other episodes a policeman ended up under house arrest. Not satisfied, the officer began to chase bike the woman who walked away in the car with her daughter and she scared to ” get protection” has stopped and you are directed to a ‘ garage along with the child, while the policeman was screaming ” bitch , bad prostitute … ” . And before he leaves , “I ‘m not afraid of anyone, I’ll make you pay.” At that point she went to complain to the local police and – ” unusual circumstance ,” writes the same magistrate – the day after he found the wheels of his car and cut the hood stripes.


Marco Guarino

Woman like a dog

What is your relationship with your boyfriend ? treat you well , they are friendly or not? because if not, you act as it did a lady who went by the judge for this reason: "My husband treats me like a dog ... " " Your Honor , I want a divorce. My husband treats me like a dog . " When asked by the judge: " The mishandling, the strikes ? " The woman replied: "No, he pretends that I am faithful."     Marco guarino

Peeing in the Pool
Pipi in piscina

you 're careful when you go in the pool ? Are you sure? sure you've never peed ' ? Doing the pee in the pool because it hurts the lungs. Of who does and who does not . It was discovered by researchers at China Agricultural University and Purdue University. Blame uric acid, which helps with chlorine to form a chemical hazardous to the respiratory system. chlorine used to disinfect the pool do reaction,  giving rise to dangerous substances . These substances are inhaled by people when they swim, damaging their airways. Not only the cyanogen chloride that is formed Read more

panoramic wheel1

PANORAMIC SEX MONACO - some porn actors were stuck in one of the cabins of the Ferris Wheel Oktoberfest Monaco of Bavaria and began shooting a film at red lights. The whole front of some astonished Italian tourists, who were already inside the cabin and saw a landscape very different from what they expected. With the intention to enjoy the ride on the wheel at the famous beer festival, the group of our countrymen was totally unprepared raid of two men armed with cameras and a woman, who immediately launched into a performance. The Italians, unable to stop the scene, Read more

New Hot Micromix by Daniele Milani: Ed Sheeran, Tiesto+Ava Max, Robin Schulz
N The Club Dj Mix By Daniele Milani Robin Shulz

Hello Good friends from DJ Daniele Milani, This is my new Hot Micromix:  During this gig you can enjoy listening: Ed Sheeran - Overpass Graffiti (Remix); Tiësto & Ava Max - The Motto (Extended Mix); Robin Schulz & Dennis Lloyd Young Right Now (Extended Mix); and at the end: Joel Corry feat. Mabel - I Wish (Extended Mix);  stay with us tuned on my new MICROMIX on V2beat music radio and television.   This 10' MICROMIX Will be played on 26/11/21 @14:50 and then scheduled during the day on DJ MIX @-10' each even hour.   MICROMIX n.261 New Dance Read more

Mabel is out with a new “don’t call me back” song

Mabel, the singer we have seen on Jax Jones song "Ring Ring" is back with a new song inspired to the telephone incoming calls. As Mabel before was interpreting an "Hot Sexy Line girl" asking to everybody to call her, on the latest video song, Mabel refuse to reply to the telephone calls. Seems a contradiction, for sure but we suppose that after been involved in many calls, now she want something less stressing. In fact, in the her video song, we seen Mabel taking a relaxing bath... We are now waiting the next song of Mabel may be in Read more

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