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A finger for you…

Written by on 19/03/2014

medium fingerFirefighter shows the middle finger after another fine arrested in Milan. It is heavily against a woman who often parked in ” no parking ” in front of a school in Milan and , although he was in civilian clothes , was able to do it fine once again by his colleagues and then showed his middle finger. For this and other episodes a policeman ended up under house arrest. Not satisfied, the officer began to chase bike the woman who walked away in the car with her daughter and she scared to ” get protection” has stopped and you are directed to a ‘ garage along with the child, while the policeman was screaming ” bitch , bad prostitute … ” . And before he leaves , “I ‘m not afraid of anyone, I’ll make you pay.” At that point she went to complain to the local police and – ” unusual circumstance ,” writes the same magistrate – the day after he found the wheels of his car and cut the hood stripes.


Marco Guarino

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