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Discovering the new Ethno-House made in middle Europe: Interviewing (Video) DJ Fabrizio Parisi   facebook

Has been published on V2Beat Radio & TV Magazine on 15 July 2018

The seeking for new sounds and new styles like Ethno-House are things that music artists have been searching for many years. Many local folk music styles remain relegated to
local situations and traditions. In relation also to the linguistic diversity
of the various European populations, there is often a lot of musical
incomprehension. Here the “bridge” between traditional music and commercial
music is offered to us by many young artists, musicians and DJs. .
From Bulgaria we find a young exponent with Italian origins, DJ Fabrizio Parisi
who has been able to combine tradition with nowadays sounds.
Milena, from RadioMillenium (vibeetv partner) then met him in Varna for an
interview that we report here:fabrizio parisiM: how you doing after the yesterday night gig in Varna’s Club? F: I feel really good in this wonderful setting in Varna!M: do you want to explain to our listeners something more about you? F: I’m partly Italian and partly Bulgarian in my blood, I feel lucky because I
do something I love doing.M: how your passion for music begins and where your style comes from? F: as a child my father had vinyl records for the whole house, I was born
listening to the major singers and musicians of the time, and ‘was a
consequence forced to love Donna Summer, Giorgio Moroder, and Carlos Santana
that I also met personally. I then studied piano and music for several years.

M:talking about your latest “Sunbeams” success with MiYan and the collaboration of one of the greatest Bulgarian voices, how did you come into contact with this reality? F: I love Bulgaria and its folk, I had a contact with the manager of a music label “KMaD Production”, on that occasion I met Gergana Dimitrova-Belonoga, a singer with an angel voice. At that moment I understood how to compose the melodic base of “Sunbeams”

M: which are your favorite music artists? F: It’s a really not easy question! Bruno Mars, that I repute a real “complete” artist, writer, composer, singer dancer… Bob Sinclar is for me an inspirational DJ that uses to play as “real” DJ.

See the complete Video Interview with Fabrizio Parisi 

Part #1

Watch the videoclip “SUNBEAMS” by Fabrizio Parisi & MiYan feat. Belonoga



Ethno-House is a conjunction of traditional Folk and Dance-club nowaday’s music.

Several Artists in Europe are mashing-up traditions creating new trends of sound.

Fabrizio Parisi is one of those, musician and DJ with family creativity that met Folk groups elaborating Ethno-House melodies.

Fabrizio loves complete multi-modal artists.


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