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Written by on January 25, 2013

crazy man


And now here is the Crazy News most ‘beautiful in 2012:
9-  the news of an unusual assault where a man who thought he had found an easy adventure eventually had to call the police to escape too ardent lover.
8 – a statistic that shows how well in a phone are stored on four self-portraits sexy
7 –  the news of an American in search of casual sex, and as a method of finding a partner had the idea to bind to a tree, naked and blindfolded.
6 –  another shock family: a young German woman was watching a documentary on trade in pairs, and the program has found among swingers interviewed their parents.
5 –  the technology: a Taiwanese company released a “sex simulator” for couples who live in long-distance relationships.

4 –  called the police because he had heard her mother having sex.
3 – f the opening of a “school of sex” in Austria, where members apparently involved in theoretical and practical lessons
2 –  the creation of condoms designer of Louis Vuitton, designed by Czech designer Irakli Kirizia a charity for AIDS research.
1 – girl  refuses a million dollars to take part in a movie at porn.  She is Hazel Jones, a young English became famous because it has two vaginas.


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