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Calvin Harris News was unbelievably sexy fit in 2014

Written by on January 10, 2015

14 times Calvin Harris was unbelievably sexy fit in 2014
He is electronic dance music’s Ryan Gosling. He is sexier than should legally be allowed. He dumped Rita Ora. He is Calvin Harris and 2014 really was his year of looking really just so fit that every time the ladies of Holy Moly looked at a photo of …
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Hakkasan boss eyes 15 openings as megaclubs empire expands
Once voted one of the most important people in electronic dance music by Rolling Stone magazine, Moffitt cut his teeth on the Ibiza clubbing scene in the Nineties, running nights and meeting all the rising stars of the scene. Calvin Harris is an old …

BSBB Round 1: Calvin Harris, “Summer” vs. Sia, “Chandelier”
CHRIS PAYNE: One lead artist goes on magazine covers wearing a paper bag; the other just does the instrumentals and has unnamed collaborators sing the lyrics. What strange/wonderful/bloggable times we live in. I have to give the nod to Sia’s pipes overĀ …
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