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Two American scientists are facing a secular and never solved the problem of humanity : that of splashing pee in urinals . the goal that you have set two scientists and professors at Brigham Young back in Utah , you will find the ideal solution to put an end to the scourge that has lasted […]

December 3, 2013

Let’s talk about Fellatio . The psychologist and sexologist Catherine Lyubimov has opened in Moscow the first school in the world of oral sex , to teach women – young and old – how to win your man in bed with a ” perfect fellatio .” Classes are held three times a week and provide […]

A saddle for the bike. It would seem ….. But not a normal saddle . It’s called Happy Ride and is a vibrant seat covers , to make it exciting travel on two wheels. controls are hidden in a back pocket which also contains the battery. It rises some doubts about the actual use and […]

What is the recipe for a perfect day? 36 minutes of work, 106 sex These are the results of a study dedicated to the optimization of time in the day to promote good living The recipe for the perfect day requires an adequate proportion of time devoted to work and space to do what you […]

Tastes are tastes, but the particular tastes of a 37 year-old Swedish have it in trouble. The woman is accused of having held parts of human skeletons in the house … in order to have sex. Were found more than 100 pieces of skeletons, including six skulls and a backbone. The police also found photos […]

January 25, 2013

Tired of the stress from car? Fear of flying? So better to travel by train, especially if you can cut a strip of seat and have a snack. In Brussels it was put on display the train chocolate longest in the world, less than 34 meters. The work, built up over 700 hours Maltese artist […]

  And now here is the Crazy News most ‘beautiful in 2012: 9-  the news of an unusual assault where a man who thought he had found an easy adventure eventually had to call the police to escape too ardent lover. 8 – a statistic that shows how well in a phone are stored on […]

November 13, 2012

PANORAMIC SEX MONACO – some porn actors were stuck in one of the cabins of the Ferris Wheel Oktoberfest Monaco of Bavaria and began shooting a film at red lights. The whole front of some astonished Italian tourists, who were already inside the cabin and saw a landscape very different from what they expected. With […]

October 25, 2012

A young man from Texas, accused of being an accomplice to a robbery, was caught by the dance steps. Security cameras filmed the exterior of a house where it was stolen out, framing what investigators believed was the “pole.” The images were not clear enough to identify the young, but these to kill time while […]

Thelma Gratsch has just turned 90 years and a passion, “roller coaster”. And so this sprightly old woman from Ohio has decided to celebrate the milestone of 90 candles hurtling at 130 km / h up and down the 75 meters of the Diamondback, the amusement park King’s Island near Cincinnati. Not a novelty for […]