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A curious invention is a device that has been installed in several urinals of Michigan to invite anyone who has been drinking not to drive. Apparently a normal deodorant, the device works when wet (or rather, when someone pees on …) and starts a recorded message, such as “Do not drink before driving, otherwise the […]

It ‘s been a time of “sock” stuck on his head. A robber in Manchester, New Hampshire, decided to use a disguise rather unusual: he tore leaves and branches from the trees in the avenue by sticking them with tape. At this point, waited for the opening of Citizen Bank, at 9 am, and where […]

Maria, (Fabio asked) how much you are distracted? The distraction is expensive, knows a thing an aspiring robber London. The man was going to be able to steal £ 700,000 in cash at a branch of the Halifax Bank in the British capital, but …. The robber asked the cashier put the cash in the […]

Mary (Fabio asked), you rested? Did you sleep well last night? It’s not that you woke in the middle of the night …. Because the next time you happen to wake up in the middle of the night, take a look at the clock. It is likely that are the 3:44 h. The 3:44 was […]

We seen a ranking of the news more ‘fancy with the 2012. Curious to have more news are more “hot” in the first place because there is the story of a man who called the police rather than having sex with his wife, asking him every day moments of intimacy, unable to obtain them for […]

According to a survey by Akuel Skyn on a sample of young people between 19 and 30 years in France, Hungary, Italy, Poland and Great Britain, at the launch of a new condom, European men have a remarkable tendency to become distracted during sexual intercourse. And what would we Europeans during sexual intercourse? In first […]

A man is accused of having led an entire evening with a friend who died in a car, bringing it in some bars and a strip club, also taking money from the ATM card of the deceased. Initially it was a general explanation that the man wanted in this way one last time to honor […]

Perhaps many women take off their makeup at night for comfort and to feel clean, but the trick is to take off her medical need, as he discovered to his cost a young Korean girl. Bae Dal, who is now 21 years, had long been a veritable craze for the trick, until it has reached […]

Last week we saw what men do during sex, now we see what they think. Many men in those moments it merely focus to delay orgasm. Some, however, are totally absorbed in their partner which they hope to experience a unique pleasure that makes it seem like amateurs all other partners. Then there are the […]

Young children often resent the planes, and many passengers do not bear children on the plane. Among these must surely be a passenger on a flight to Vietnam, he did all the flight next to a mother with a crying baby. Immediately after landing, the woman asked for help to the young man because he […]