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Police officers, who were conducting a regular patrol, could not believe their eyes when they saw a man walking around the Dupont Avenue South Minneapolis. For the man was wearing only a pair of shoes with vertiginous heels. When the man of 63 years has noticed the presence of the police, attempted to rush to […]

From Japan comes a curious gadget for those who want to avoid the embarrassment of being in the bathroom and to hear all the noises to outsiders. The gadget, called Eco-Otome, is designed for those who must use the bathroom at the home of friends or relatives (perhaps in-laws: it seems that many people have […]

A Serbian woman, Mirjana Gavaric, ended up in hospital, near Belgrade, after trying to use a pine cone to masturbate. When the woman tried to remove the cone from the vagina, the cone has been painfully stuck inside with a “hook effect”, and she could not help but bring him to the hospital to seek […]

A man aged 39 was arrested in Indianapolis for abandonment of a minor, to have left the 5 year old son alone in the truck while he went to a strip club. The fact came to light when the man who was apparently very drunk, went to the police to report the theft of the […]