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lost music hitsLOST MUSIC HITS is a music segment that is broadcast every hour at least 4 times. This is an appointment that wants to rediscover and remove some dust from the musical successes of various genres that have been played and somewhat forgotten. We know how the record industry these days is almost “hit and run”, leaving aside beautiful musical creations. Here the LOST MUSIC HITS segment finds and rediscovers the video tracks ranging from 2009 to 2019. Ten years of unforgettable successes! Please let us know any of your favorite!



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Despite the fool remedied to the Super Bowl, Christina Aguilera has other reasons to be happy. Has only just released his film, in which he starred alongside the legendary Cher: BURLESQUE. And in this event Chiristina received the star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and in the evening attended the world premiere of Burlesque. […]

The look and remember sleeping in my car or dressed for success, inimitable successes of Roxette? Well, after 10 years since the last solo album, this legendary Swedish group back in the 80’s that has done so much dancing. And ‘it out the new CD called Charm School and a new single She’s Got Nothing […]

After 5 years (since 2007) back to the Radiohead surprise. on their website the new album, ‘The King Of Limbs’, you can download from February 19th. In the shops the same album will be released on May 9 with a special version that includes the CD, two vinyl records and 10-inch booklet with illustrations. ‘The […]

She was given x goner again. And instead he pulled out another single that made boom. E ‘Britney Spears. The new single titled HOLD IT AGAINST ME has been downloaded 136 000 times, but well within 24 hours! At only 29 years old Britney Spears already has two failed marriages behind her. The first marriage […]

And talk about a new American pop star who comes from Hawaii: BRUNO MARS. Not a chocolate bar …. More ‘… a concentration of music and freshness that only 25 years old already stands in the rankings mondiali.vero as Peter Hernandez has exploded this year with the first single YOY ARE JUST THE WAY. And […]

What has made this time so outrageous Rihanna? It ‘s just released his new single which is called S & M. The song is the third single from “Loud”, the album topped the charts all over the world that has already sold 2 million and 800 thousand copies. In the video Rihanna is S & […]

A new rising star of the music faces the international music scene. This is Adele, singer of 22 years old, whose real name is Adele Laurie Blue Adkins. In truth, his first CD dates back to 2008 but only now, at least here we broke through. His first song was “Hometown Glory” Adele was 16 […]

Woe to Rihanna. It emerges out of the alleged former lesbian lover of the singer of Barbados, Tajah Burton announced the publication of a book confession with all the details about his sexual relationship with the queen of pop / R & B. . Rihanna had already explored the other side of the universe sex […]

New Single Ke$ha: just came out, hot hot Kesha’s new single, entitled Blow. Is the second single from Cannibal, by which EP Ke$ha is consolidating its reputation as a new pop star. The song is a hymn to be fun nightclub to Ke$ha want to see people smiling and covered in sequins. This individual also […]

10 minutes: only lasted ten minutes of the presale tickets for the Janet Jackson concert in Los Angeles. The date is April 14 and the tour is titled Number Ones: up close and personal. “Really amazing how in just 10 minutes have been burnt all x tickets the show. After the 2008 tour witch you […]