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cats recognize the master's voice , but they ignore it

Written by on March 27, 2014

cat ignoreI should do like cats … I should pretend nothing happened when I listen to your voice …. in fact, a search showed that : the cats recognize the master’s voice , but they ignore it . A group of researchers studied the behavior of cats subjecting cats to a different experiment were placed in a room where you could hear a recording of three voices that called them , belonging to two strangers and their master . The response of cats to human voices was not the type of ” communication ” ( meowing or wagging his tail , so to speak ), but behavioral (movement of the head and ears). Research has shown that indeed there was a difference in the behavior of cats when they heard the voice of their master. But contrary to expectations that you might have , what has emerged is that the cats had a minor response when they heard the voice of the master, thus showing a tendency to ignore it.

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