Choco train

Written by on January 25, 2013

choco trainTired of the stress from car? Fear of flying? So better to travel by train, especially if you can cut a strip of seat and have a snack. In Brussels it was put on display the train chocolate longest in the world, less than 34 meters. The work, built up over 700 hours Maltese artist Andrew Farrugia with about 1500 tons of chocolate, was on display at the station for a few weeks in the Belgian capital, attracting the attention of people in transit who thronged around the sculpture chocolate with watering at the mouth. The train is divided into two parts, the first seven carriages are modeled on the most modern trains Belgian, while the second part incorporates the forms of older ones. Once you have finished his presentation, the artist has promised that it will sell the train and donate the proceeds to charity.[carousel]


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