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Ester: what’s happened on POP NEWS this week?

Written by on 12/01/2019

POP NEWS: After going through the first week of the year, more or less unharmed, we are preparing to face the second ones 

During my last episode DJ GAS was with me (let’s say mainly for cheating me..) made me some small mistakes during the LIVE, in fact the technicians come promptly to save me!

A part the incident, I have talk about the new upcoming songs and dedicating some songs to RIHANNA

But let’s see all the video songs that have been spinning in the last days:

  • Don Diablo ft Nate Dogg – I Got Love
  • Four Of Diamonds – Blind
  • Yoanna – Issa Game
  • Nick Jonas, Robin Schulz – Right Now
  • The Chainsmokers ft Winona Oak – Hope
  • Maluma – Mala Mia (The Remix)
  • Lany – Taking Me Back
  • The Black Eyed Peas ft Nas – BACK 2 HIPHOP
  • Blazay – Give Me
  • Karmen feat Krishane – Lock My Hips
  • AGNEZ MO ft Chris Brown – Overdose
  • Daddy Yankee ft Anuel AA – Adictiva (Raul Lobato Mambo Remix)
  • Fais – Make Me Do
  • Frankie Grande ft Ariana Grande – Seasons of Love
  • Lauren Daigle – You Say
  • Kate Linn – Thunderlike
  • Vincent Diamandis – I Know
  • Chris Brown – Undecided
  • Konshens – Every Gal A Freak (Intro)
  • Borgeous ft Morgan St Jean – Famous
  • 2 Chainz ft Ty Dolla Sign – Girls Best Friend
  • Steve Aoki ft BTS – Waste It On Me (Cheat Codes Remix)

End of POP NEWS episode by 2nd week of 2019

Part of "POP NEWS" Live show casted every week on Thusday and Thursday @5PM on V2BEAT TV with Ester & DJ GAS. talking about new POP music releases, sometimes the episode is dedicated to a well known artist. Last episode was dedicated to Rihanna.

Posted by V2Beat Radio & Television on Saturday, 12 January 2019

Riri came out with a new collection of sexy underwear for the Valentine’s day.

In addition to perfumes and a thousand other things, Riri is not just dedicated to music. The singer has recently launched both a make-up and a lingerie line. We are sure it will be a successful collection. a preview of the collection the fans have already seen it on the instagram profile. Also in this case, as for make-up, the basic idea is to “please” all women, with sizes suitable for even the most curvy, in fact from the photos we are noticing how the ass of Riri is swollen, not a little in recent times. in any case, for those and those of Riri’s products do not interest, we await his next album, out in 2019.


Lady Gaga intends to remove her song “Do what you want” in which she collaborated in 2013 with singer R. Kelly.

Please note that in December 2018 the documentary “Surviving R. Kelly” was published, in which R. Kelly is accused of sexual abuse.

It seems that the singer Lady Gaga herself was also a victim of sexual abuse. Gaga on Twitter reveals: “I am a thousand percent behind these women, I believe, I know they are suffering, and I think their voices should be heard ..” Concerning the song ‘Do what you want’, she says, “I wanted to to do something provocative at that moment because I was angry and had not yet worked out the trauma of my life. ”

Another Song entered on V2BEAT Rotation is Karmen feat Krishane – Lock My Hips

Into the weekly playlist rotation we meet an Italian guy just facing to the pop world music with a well made song. Hs name is

Vincent Diamandis that we have the pleasure to watch his vdeo song titled “I Know”

I can anticipate for the fans that next week we’ll have him live with interview…

Chris Brown has come out these days with a new track: Undecided.

We wondered what Chris is undecided about, maybe for the title of the song? Or whether to produce a song a week or twice a week. Of course, Chris Brown’s creativity seems to be inexhaustible. Just as his desire to get into trouble with justice seems to be inexhaustible (the news of Chris risking prison and a fine for having possessed a Capuchin monkey is quite recent). But we all consider him a good guy, a good singer, a fantasist dancer and a personality completely out of the norm.
In this photo, however, ‘we have caught up while doing the “dead hand” with a girl not even known on a bench!

Undecided By Chris Brown is entered on V2BEAT TV Rotation this week, tune in!

I’ve then given my salutations to all folks remembering that you can vote the new entered songs and leave your REACTIONS!


Armin Van Buuren released “mirage”

Armin Van Buuren Mirage Trance Music Armin van Buuren’s highly anticipated fourth artist album Mirage dropped today, but pre-orders have already brought the album into the US iTunes Top 10 Dance Albums chart. This is the album that dance fans have been waiting for: It’s his most diverse yet, rich with live-recorded instrumentals and featuring collaborations with [...]

Rihanna the following trends

In just over four years Rihanna went from a teenage unknown to one of the biggest pop stars of the decade. She has already appeared on more than 10 top 10 pop singles. Sales have grown with each successive release of albums. Her singing style and fashion and hairstyle sense have set trends for others to follow.

Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi is, surprisingly, to lead the list of artists that have grossed more with concerts around the world. a deal worth 201 million dollars. among the many charts that are provided annually, as well as the best selling records, is drawn up every year, the rankings of tour / concerts that have grossed more. Bon Jovi and after, a group metalhead is a close second place with $ 177 million. if it is thought that AC / DC will be heard only by fans of Heavy Metal, we understand how success is even more striking. may well affect the Read more


even the most prestigious American music magazine, Billboard, summarizes the best of 2010. let's take a quick look. Hits Year: Tik Tok Kesha Singer of the Year: Lady Gaga Best Album: I Dreamed A Dream by Susan Boyle, launched by a popular television program POP song of the year: Tik Tok Kesha "Dance of the Year: Rockett of Goldfrapp Therefore, women have to excel in going to make it to resist the immense world music scene and to repeat the success in 2011? Marco guarino

TAIO CRUZ, The Gentle-Music
taio cluz

Songwriter and singer already worldwide known, in few years Taio Cruz's songs has been played to enjoy people and that part that was missing on the Pop scenes. With the richness background music not made only electronics but classic instruments, the sound flood with the voice gettin a new-style mood. Got out on 2006 and it reached the top 30 on the UK pop singles chart with the single "I Just Wanna Know",  now is rotating with the song exctracts " HIGHER, together with Kylie minogue"  from album  "The Rokstarr Collection" The album includes early Cruz favourites 'I Can Be', Read more