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First Date: Who should pay?

Written by on 25/05/2012

Written by David bRiOz

According to a recent study, men still like to pay on the first date.

This research reveals that women expect to share the bill while men prefer to play the role of man and gallant follow tradition and to assume everything else is to be paid.

The survey is in agreement with another study conducted by First Direct on a sample of 2,000 adults reveals that 58% of women expect to split the bill … But 55% of men expect to pay on the first date ..
What do then? Pay with Ticket Resturants! No, I joke.

My grandfather used to say: if you go out with a woman, the man should pay. Period.

It is not written into the constitution, but it is a fairly widespread attitude: many women expect the man to pay on the first date and many men feel embarrassed if you do not pay their first date. And it is OK to pay! Any excuse to do this may be rude and tactless.

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Around the world works … some women have even told me that you refuse to go out again with a man if he has not paid the bill on the first date … but frankly I do not think it’s just for this. One thing is clear, all over the world, is the man who pays. (Merda! :))

And men expect to pay.

Today, however, want to show you how to pay the bill is not necessarily required, but can also burn the possibilities you have, and it is therefore right to see the alternatives.
Why Men charged Account

What actually happens when the man pays for a woman? Analyze it.

As already discussed in an article on How to Demonstrate How a Woman Vali, women are both looking for specific characteristics in a man, and the cases are 3:

You can not expect them to pay her (it can happen, and who am I to say no? :))
You can split the bill: it is often counterproductive. We divide the bill evenly when you are friends, but I guess you do not want to just be his friend! Or
You can pay the costs of making you an appointment and show that in some way “And take care” of her. That can support both physically and financially (protection).

Choose the envelope number 3? Great … but alas they do almost all! : (So do not show that you care about her more than any other man … especially if you’re not filthy rich and, except for an extra point for his gallantry, not other income.

The man paying the bill just proves to be well educated as everyone else.

But “well educated” will not come to the heartbeat or a woman will want to throw away his clothes and love you to distraction …. Aihmè not work that way.
What REALLY happens when a man offers?

The problem of “who pays” for an appointment is that most men, metaphorically speaking, you shoot yourself in the foot …. and the worst thing is that not even realize it.

This is because if you are in a “submissive frame” and it poses, not as a true man (gentleman), but as someone who ALMS his body, trying to satisfy all his whims using the money, and trying to do just a good impression on his radar … THE FLIGHT innately understand that you are trying to buy it and that actually a person who does this is a final, desperate man, and WEAK. A problem easily solved by improving your inner game!
OK, but then “Who should pay?”

NEVER tell you not to pay or pay EVER, I have always considered emeritus of bullshit because … IT DEPENDS! Always be flexible because it can also depend on its beauty, the experience of women in society, if you know or is just your friend, if she gives more / little attention to these things, if it is the first release together, if you already have as proof of your worth and she appreciated it, etc. …
Of course, if you want to be cool and pump up your ego to brag to friends can also bring you the objective of offering dinner … but I think that’s the goal!

Perhaps the correct question to ask yourself is:
Pay will increase my chances of going to bed with a woman?

I do not think, but in doubt: the man and make you pay

And maybe use my famous “technique of fake portfolio” to assess it (I’ve written somewhere else but now I do not remember where … certainly in the course of my lunch break always show ;-))

They are very different ways to prove your worth and seduce a woman
An Alternative Solution?

There are super mega PUA who say they never pay, and consequently ciulano like hedgehogs … boh … that’s strange people …. 🙂 I just prefer not to structure “the traditional event” follow my 9 PRACTICAL tips for first date


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