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Frank Ocean Is About to Save Pop Music All Over Again

Written by on 26/12/2014

Frank Ocean Is About to Save Pop Music All Over Again
It's been two and a half years since Frank Ocean released the groundbreaking, Grammy-winning Channel ORANGE. In that time, he's almost completely faded from the public eye. But the music world hasn't stopped yearning for new music. On Friday he …
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Pop Music Review: Silk Rhodes' Quirky Debut Album
The group's name is a giveaway. Silk, as in smooth, and Rhodes, as in Fender Rhodes, the electric piano that gave a signature sound to a lot of '70s funk and soul. By and large, that's the spiritual model for what we have here on Silk Rhodes' self …
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20 Best Pop Albums of 2014
Off the Top 40, were clutch of women whose versions of "pop" were singular yet irresistible, from the genre-busting Kitten frontwoman Chloe Chaidez to the Prince-sized ambitions of the New Zealand singer Kimbra. And leading the year? Taylor Swift, of …
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