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Written by on 02/03/2012

Inna1Inna, stage name of Helen Apostoleanu Alexandra, was born October 16, 1986 Mangalia. Inna is a singer and model of Romanian pop-dance music. “Hot” was his debut single, released in 2008 in the month of November, was inducted into the “top 10” in eight European countries, ensuring the success of the singer’s album, also titled Hot, released the ‘August. From the extracts were other hit singles, such as Déjà vu, Love, and Amazing 10 Minutes. Hot is the eighth best-selling albums in Romania in 2010.

Sun Is Up has become a summer hit in many European countries in 2010. The single, which reached the top ten of the charts in eight countries, has brought forward the release of their second album Inna, entitled I Am the Club Rocker and released in late summer 2011. The album, produced by the team as the previous record “Play & Win”, has been less successful than the previous one, entering the charts in only four countries and being certified gold in Poland. Extracts from it were two other individuals, clubs and Rocker A moment, a duet with Spanish singer Juan Magan, sung partly in Spanish, even by Inna.

Inna is an activist who deals with the rights of children in Romania, the singer, through sponsorship of many campaigns, UNICEF, urges his fans, said Rocker Club (the title of his second album), to help needy children and the association.

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