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Ivano Spada: Dian Solo’s “Let Me Entertain You” is ready for a “boom”

Written by on 16/07/2019

Ivano Spada is one of the most attractive “musicians” in Europe – the artistic and music director of the V2BEAT Music Streaming Channel based in Milan.

He is one of the first foreigners to rotate the version of “Let Me Entertain You” by Bulgarian DJ Dian Solo.

As a man who has been in business for many years, he claims that he can determine from a first hearing whether a song will be a hit or will not be popular, and he was pleased to share, for Meloman’s only musical point of view, about modern trends and the subtleties in the show business.

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Ivano Spada with Ester  during POP NEWS

What are the trends in Europe’s current music?

It’s as if we’re leaving aside the blasting trance of the trance and house music, whose leaders were the famous DJs like Tiesto, Van Buuren, David Guetta, Martin Garrix. Currently charts are captured by melodic pop and latino rhythms from Colombia and Latin America. There are some successful covers that feature popular hits from the 90’s. But actually returning the well-forgotten old is perhaps the new wave, a way to try to be different, to escape from the boring and repetitive cliché.

What makes a song hit?

The factors are many: the melody, the text, the message, the charisma of the contractor and, in fact, the commercial point of view of the whole project. Sometimes, “the perfect strangers,” who have played a song on social networks to “boom”, are rare, but these are rare cases. And if there is no suitable mentor behind them, they may never repeat their success … To make a song a big hit, do not be bad, there is a lot of luck … or enough money to put it in. Undoubtedly, by paying a good and mass PR campaign on the radio and television, the song will be repeated many times. And repeating a song is almost a sure guarantee of its success!

What is your opinion about Dian Solo’s remix – the Let Me Entertain You project?

The return of such a big hit from the past can be a “winning card”. This revives the audience that liked the song, and new fans join, who will hear it for the first time. “Dressed” in the current musical trends, the song becomes really completely ready to “break the listeners”. In this case, the repetition is not so important to have the song – it’s already a hit!

What distinguishes this version from others like it?

Dian Solo’s remix is distinctive with this melody that I have already mentioned. If the vocal part is already known and certainly can not be thought of a complete replication of the original voice, the whole project is available in a modern version, away from the aggressive sound. This is the current trend in pop music.


And how do you yourself have fun?

Listening to a variety of music is actually my life party. Music festivals and concerts are very important to me. I was born in the 1960s and went through various and important musical eras to find out that the most important thing is never to stop listening to music. I’m not one of those nostalgic people who say that the music of the past decades has been the best and the musicians are no longer doing anything. On the contrary, music expresses man and must “live day after day”. I would declare music and songs as “the world’s main benefit to mankind.”