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Learn How to be Funny to win a girl

Written by on 25/05/2012

to be funny for a girlWritten by David bRiOz
When you like a girl, to be able to make her laugh every time you have a priceless … it’s like pressing a button to get the desired effect. Most of the time you laugh at the first approach, when you create a connection or just prove to be a person of value in any context (yes, a sense of humor = value!).
Interestingly, this recent study that explains why it is a DHV:
The sense of humor can not be seen as both an art and a science because no one has the same sense of humor and uses the same kind of jokes spontaneously even if the structure is the same: to set an assumption and then destroy it with a joke (which destroys all the common assumptions).

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In any case, it is easy to learn to be funny but it takes, as in all things, time and dedication … and you never stop improving! I saw men who were beaten strange that no one knew (and were considered strange) who have read a few books on the subject, fortunately, have seen some videos and, with practice, can now be fun when you want.

So here’s your homework for those who want to learn to be more fun:

Read the book by Melvin Helitzer “The Secrets of Writing and Comedy” and English “Step by Step to Stand-up Comedy” by Greg Dean (books only recommend them if you’re only nice to the dog :))
Look around a 50/100 hours of comedy, TV series and movies that you like and try to understand how they “created” the jokes –
Pay attention to the fun people and fun things that people say, always trying to understand how the structure
Quit for a month to pick up ONLY to experience just how you have improved and have become more fun. If you have enough sense of humor and make women laugh, they will want to spend whole evenings with you. If you’ve become pretty funny then prepared for the next step (no women will have sex with you just because you’re funny), you now have to learn to be “Cocky”

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