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RihannaWoe to Rihanna. It emerges out of the alleged former lesbian lover of the singer of Barbados, Tajah Burton announced the publication of a book confession with all the details about his sexual relationship with the queen of pop / R & B. . Rihanna had already explored the other side of the universe sex on Twitter recently published a series of characters and a photo of her and rapper Nicki Minaj sauce unequivocally lesbian.
The two artists, who have recently collaborated on a duet on the song “Fly, ” they duet on the social network ambiguous exchanging jokes and flirting. With the imaginary lesbian Rihanna, however, had already had to do last year, when the video for “Te Amo”, was performed in a series of effusions with Letitia Casta …
In the book Tajah, who lives in Hollywood, talks about Rihanna describing it as a very friendly person, very pleasant to listen to and sexually generous. “She liked to give me pleasure, ” even if the sex between them, she says, was marked as a clock, “when I was coming, suddenly she was sheltered and returned to his music. ”

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