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From 'I Love Lucy' to pop music, Cuba's influence on America runs deep

Written by on 25/12/2014

From 'I Love Lucy' to pop music, Cuba's influence on America runs deep
The contacts continued despite the embargo,” said Fernandes. She added that, when tourism restrictions eased a bit in the '80s and '90s, there was a “tremendous” culture exchange on the part of both countries, especially with music, art and clothing …
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Amputee Pop Star Viktoria Modesta Releases First Music Video
Amputee pop star Viktoria Modesta has just released her first music video. The debut video for the 26-year-old British singer emphasizes strongly on her disability, which is intended as a statement of who she is. The song is titled “Prototype” and has …
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Top Music Europe Top40

POP MUSIC CHART TOP 40 TOP MUSIC EUROPE MOST LISTENED IN EUROPEAN COUNTRIES 2020/2021 (updated 09 January) Stream live @2PM EVERY SATURDAY V2BEAT Online Music TV,  is proud to announce the EURO TOP40 Hits Pop Music Charts aired every Saturday afternoon related to the most listened songs in Europe. Tune on V2BEAT radio & TV from 2.00 PM (UTC Offset: UTC + 1h) or Matariki FM (UTC Offset: UTC -10h)  The European TOP 40 music of the Pop chart is considered taken from the Europe Official Top 100  and remains the V2BEAT  official charts for RnB, Rap, pop, country music, Read more

Ne-Yo is coming out again in search of new style with last Pinky Ring song
Ne Yo Ft. O.t. Genasis Pinky Ring

The release of the new single from Ne-YO entitled "Pinky Ring" with Feat by O.T. GENASIS. The Trap-Pop style song reminds us of the recent international success of Roddy Ricch (The Box). Currently the style of NE-YO, the big one of the 40-year-old song and about to get divorced from his wife, turns out to be somewhat far from the successes marked almost a decade ago, starting from  Closer, So Sick, Tonight, Miss Independent, Beautiful Monster just to name a few fabulous. The ex "Gentleman" perhaps suffered the rigor of marriage and is now looking for a new soul. We Read more

Camila Cabello, unstoppable, this time offers us the new single My Oh My, watch
Camila Cabello My Oh My

Camila Cabello - My Oh My (LV) Camila Cabello, unstoppable, this time offers us the new single My Oh My, in which she tells us she has lost her mind over the classic hooligan that her parents don't like. The video is in the cartoon style of the past and reminds us very much of Bettie Boop. From this week on V2BEAT Music television Written for you by Ester A. https://youtu.be/nQNynY4A5m4

Finding your matching partner could be just a fortune, Pedro Capò is singing…
Pedro Capo Buena Suerte

Pedro Capo has recently released the latest single "Buena Suerte"  from the 40-year-old singer of Puerto Rican origins. His song speaks of his luck, of having met the woman of his dreams. In fact, the meeting of the right person does not always take place with scientific and proven calculations, sometimes it is the result of chance, of the lucky and fortuitous meeting. We often look for our partner around the world but then we don't understand that maybe the neighbor next door is exactly what we wanted most. And how did it go for you? have you had the Read more

King of POP Prince Died

Prince died. His lifeless body was found at his home in Minnesota. It shall inform the American website TMZ shows. The causes of death are still unknown. The King of Pop, 57, had been hospitalized 15 April: his private jet was forced to make an emergency landing in Illinois but the next day the star was still appeared at a concert assuring fans that was all right. His agent had assured her that it was just a bad flu, but the artist had however had to cancel the two previous concerts. Born in Minneapolis June 7, 1958 by a family Read more

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