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Maluma + Wolfine, the usual excuses, enchanted by a beautiful girl because of alcohol

Written by on January 16, 2020

Wolfine ft Maluma – Bella…(REMIX)

Wolfine Ft. Maluma Bella (remix) (dj Ronrro Cumbia Remix).mp4 Snapshot 00.21 [2020.01.16 15.34.06]

Wolfine Ft. Maluma Bella (remix) (dj Ronrro Cumbia Remix)

It is clear that next to Maluma any boy is likely to disfigure, but Wolfine, perhaps, if he had adjusted his beard before shooting the video would have seemed less ugly … However, the single “Bella” was born from their collaboration and it is a sort of justification for being easily enchanted by the woman in question by blaming everything for too much alcohol. In other words, the usual excuse…

From this week on V2BEAT Music Television

Written with love to you from Ester A.