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Man Guide: How To Pick Up Women At The Beach?

Written by on 29/09/2015

girl on the beachAre you a man who does not miss an opportunity? or would you prefer to be the time to decide the course of events? In your opinion, what are the best strategies to “hooka girl on the beach and take a drink or even in your home? From an international research, seems that the most typical girl approach are based on the following strategies that define a PICK UP MAN:


  • How easily  he makes a connection with a woman with simple sentence.
  • Correlation between the beach and the surrounding. Pick up man knows how to manipulate it.
  • Pick up man knows how increase his value by conveying the right attitude.
  • How to approach women laying down on their towels, first touch and ice breaking.
  • He knows the ONLY useful words to use when a woman is walking on the beach to instantly get her attention.
  • Pick up man Knows How to transition from opening to a date the same night.  (don’t mess any opportunity, avoiding go home alone!) 

       What kind of Pick Up man you are?