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Mariah Carey: she doesn’t like to wash dishes

Written by on September 15, 2018

Mariah Carey, despite her not very young age, continues to run around in the kitchen dressed very little and with a big red boa.


Mariah caught in a foul may be sleeping in a kitchen

In fact we see her in her latest video titled GTFO, just released and entered in rotation on V2BEAT. As always beautiful, very sexy, but appears in a certain contradiction in the kitchen where it seems to have no desire to wash dishes or even close the water overflowing from the sink. Not at all worried, she keeps drinking her beautiful glass of red wine, hanging around here and there for the house careless of nothing. It is precisely the icon of our mother who normally has to prepare food, take the children to school, iron and so on. But she is Mariah carey! who kills her?


Ivano Spada

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