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My history of Radio and TV, from Radio Onda Nuova till V2BEAT

Written by on 29/08/2018

My adventure of Radio & Television in some decade of history. 

ivano RON

Ivano Spada @Radio Centro Musica

My story begins with the passion for FM Broadcasting, in the ’70s and ’80s where I founded “Radio Onda Nuova” with some friends like Daniele Milani, Bassignana, G. Galusi, in Sesto San Giovanni (MI) Italy, where I was born. In Rome I worked as a Speaker at Radio Centro Musica and in other radio stations of the Roman Hinterland. 








ivano spada

Ivano on the mix @The Crow in the ’90s

The nineties saw me DJ and entertainer at “The Crow” a Pub of Cinisello Balsamo. In the same town I worked as a Speaker at Radio Kelly Milano and RadioPlay96 at town of Lissone. At the end of the 90s I launched one of the first WEB radio: Timeradio. With Timeradio the new era of streaming has begun. Together with my faithful friend and DJ “Daniele Milani” we have followed the experience until 2009, inserting many other speakers and artists in the program.








timeradio early time

Timeradio Early Time 2003

In this picture is visible the first streaming studio with REVOX tape recorder, Mini Disc Sony, and 486 PC.

The streaming were done by using ISDN connection for a total of 128Kb upstream and shoutcast encoder and server. The total connected listeners were starting to be numerous.







timeradio side

Ivano streaming @Timeradio

Here myself on 2005 making streaming tests with webcam












vano Spada @Timeradio studio










ivano studio

Ivano Spada @Timeradio studio live










On 2008, Timeradio Web were ufficially founded, a new studio was built, many collaborators come to enjoy and share the passion for the Radio. Personally I did a program called “Aurora Cafè” with Daniele Milani, broadcasted weekly every Sunday night.


here is still possible to listen Aurora Cafè

The Timeradio’s Team was composed by many Speakers, DJ, entertainers, comics, singers…

Some of them we recall the names of Silvietta ye ye, Marco Massaretto, Sandro Bani, Lady Miami, Angelica Prince, Mourice, Daniele Milani, Christian Casale, DJ Ghellis, Dave, Dario, Sergio Saladino, Andrew Beat…

timeradio team

We enjoyed so much that time, here you can see a video taken on the summer party (no audio sorry)

Timeradio Graffiti, ti ricordi che bei momenti? con Scapigliato Ivano Spada, Davide, Monica, Fabietto e tanti altri…

Posted by Ivano Veebeat on Tuesday, 31 October 2017


Ivano Timeradio.tv studio with Francesco Bellini

Between 2009/10  timeradio.tv started Video webcasting  by using some camera and an analog videomixer. By the using of green screen for chroma key I’ve realised a good looking virtual studios with video backdrop effects.






house passion

Sandro Bani & Marco Massaretto @HOUSE PASSION

house passion

Sandro, Marco & guest











Sandro Bani and Marco Massaretto (on the right) presented comic program called “house Passion” originally made to update the new entry of House Music, begun an hilarious show where laughing never was missed.

Sandro & Marco with Guest.


Meanwhile, before one program and another, we enjoyed the Christmas time shooting a short clip all together with Fabio Taormina, Sandro Bani, Dania Romagnoli, Angelica Prince, Elisa Fumagalli, Tito Leone.



gogo dance

Bazzini & Silvietta @ GOGO DANCE

Another comic program was made with Alan Bazzini (professional actor) and the exuberant Silvietta Ye Ye.










Fabio & Ivano Spada @ TMSHOW

gogo dance

Bazzini & Silvietta @ GOGO DANCE










Started again to be a serious show, with the partecipation of some strange guests (interpreted by Ivano Spada) soon the program revealed a comic side.

Again Alan Bazzini & Silvietta Ye Ye in a child world . Both interpreting a child in a man world.

bom boom dance

Fabio in BBDance

Fabio in BBDance.









On 2013 the metamorphosis of Timeradio TV changed to be mainly Video Streaming and spread to an international audience. The channel changed the name and logo to TMR.TV


The logo was created by taking a diamond photo replicated patiently above the 3d text.

During the year also the new studio was ready, more space for green screen and virtual studio allowed to create more rich backdrops.

studio new

In this small studio many programs has been made, The European TOP40, XTIME, HOT POP CORN just for remembering some…


Marco @ EUROTOP 40 (first season)

The European TOP 40 presented by Marco.

Weekly appointment with the EU HITS








Green Screen for EUTOP40







here Marco Behind the scenes making Eurotop40


Eurotop 40 second season







Second season of Eurotop 40 with more complex and dynamic scenes.

Another episode on season #3


Here more videos made that year





Another season was coming up, with STREAMUP social TV a new era of streaming was started.

We reached almost 5 million  contacts!


Between 2014/2015 TMRTV changed completelly name and logo. VIBEE.TV was taken place!

vibeeltv ogo 197

A completelly renewed website and dedicated streaming servers has been built. No more TV Shows was made, being the channel totally in English. Here below the first tempted logo with a banner email announcing the opening of new channel


Myself  on the control room of VIBEETV
also the Studio changed style, no more big green screen but real stuffs

vibeetv studio
A new presenter arrived to talk in english for our worldwide audience

cisca benitez


Software developers, technicians and DJ Collaborator joined the new channel.

Last August 2018 VIBEE TV changed once again the name in V2BEAT to be more aggressive in music and artists.

logo V2Beat

The actuaal team of V2BEAT Radio & Television is formed by presenters and DJ’s that are also collaborating externally.

Here the faces of the team: Alex, Ester, Daniele, Ivano



Pop News Studio (custom)

Pop News Studio (custom)


Studio (large)

Studio (large)


I’d like to think that Radio & TV adventure is not yet finished…

Stay tuned!

With Love

Ivano Spada

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