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“N THE CLUB” DJ GIG has a new special collaboration: Daniele Milani

Written by on March 8, 2019

Daniele Milani, DJ indeed, no, Music designer, as he defines himself, is a veteran of mixed music.

Born in Sanremo in Italy, he started playing and mixing vinyl records from a young age. In his personal archive, he holds no less than 6878 vinyl records, 3536 CDs / DVDs, 88K digital songs that Daniele uses during his gigs sessions over almost 100 headphones that Daniele considers as a baby. He defines some kind of music he plays as “Smooth Combed Music”. His vast knowledge extends widely in all musical genres. This is why V2BEAT welcomes him with open arms and dedicates two appointments to him during the week: at 4:45 PM and at 10:45 PM (CEST + 1h) during the 15 minutes of ‘N THE CLUB. We really wish him a lot of good work and mix!