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Noisy Toilets

Written by on 05/07/2012

From Japan comes a curious gadget for those who want to avoid the embarrassment of being in the bathroom and to hear all the noises to outsiders. The gadget, called Eco-Otome, is designed for those who must use the bathroom at the home of friends or relatives (perhaps in-laws: it seems that many people have a certain phobia to use the bathroom in-law for “big things”), or to work or at a party. Operation is very simple: to produce the noise of a discharge of water that would cover (not a real silencer, therefore) that can produce other noises in the bathroom, at least within certain limits.
Eco-Otome came about because many people would try to cover up their noise by pulling the water, but this requires having to wait to recharge the tank before a new use.
There is also an eye to ecology, as a product of the objectives is to avoid unnecessary wastage of water that is when you flush the toilet just to cover the noise.


Marco Guarino

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