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Ozuna+Anitta, it’s the birth of more “intimate” collaboration?, watch their new release…

Written by on August 6, 2019

Finally the new video Di Ozuna & Anitta, entitled “Muito Calor” has been issued.
It took several months for the couple to announce the imminent release of the new video clip but finally in the last few days it was finally put online.
The couple, formed by the two “Big” of the Latin song, shot the video in Brazil, where it seemed the ideal place to set the plot of the song and the video clip.
Ozuna, Portoricano and Anitta, from Brazil, definitely form a close-knit and full of warmth couple, in fact you can see from the same video clip how much their tastes and musical contexts are similar … it could be the birth of a more “intimate” one cooperation?

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