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Parrot talk too much

Written by on 27/03/2014

parrot talking too muchDrunk driving : Framed by the parrot that alerts the police. A motorist was arrested for driving while intoxicated , after the pet parrot that he had with him warned the police that the driver was drunk.
The man , identified by newspapers as Guillermo N. , aged 49 , was stopped for a routine check by the police. It seems that initially the agents did not want to submit to the breathalyzer test , until they heard a voice from inside the car saying ” He’s drunk .” The agents initially thought that there was a passenger in the car who had not noticed, but they quickly realized that he had been talking parrot . At this point, the agents have agreed to submit to the breathalyzer , the driver that was found beyond the limits , thus leading to his arrest. The agents were calling the animal protection to take care of the parrot while the owner was in jail , but eventually agreed to let the man bring with him to the animal cell to which it is very fond of.


Marco Guarino

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