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POP NEWS: Anitta & Kevinho reveals what is Terremoto (earthquake), watch

Written by on May 28, 2019

POP NEWS: Anitta returns with “Terremoto”.

Anitta who closed the “Checkmate” project in 2018, and has accumulated 311 million views on Youtube, is not trying to recreate this success. “I think that anyone who tries to copy a hit, redo a hit or fall into something, is the secret of failure”.

The big secret of success is coming up with something different, unexpected, surprising people and creating emotion,” reveals Anitta. From the moment you do something based on something else, people will always be confronted. And “Terremoto” wants to be something different, she said.

Let’s look at “Earthquake” from this week in rotation on V2BEAT Music Television.



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