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Written by on May 16, 2019

Fabrizio Parisi is among the most popular DJs and producers in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.
He is owner of “Fa&MiMusic” label and co-owner of the “Hybrid Sound Records”.

Born in Basel, Switzerland in the family of famous italian music manager. Five year old Fabrizio was invited to take part of Choir Antoniano (the most popular and biggest children choir of Italy), but the family decides not to send him in Bologna. At age of six starts playing piano.
At the age of 10, advised by famous piano player and conductor Fausto Di Cesare, Fabrizio enters the State Music High School “V. Stoyanov” Rousse, Bulgaria.
13 year old Fabrizio participates in International Piano Competition in Senigallia, Italy.
Couple of years later starts also playing drums , his primary instrument lately.
At age of 14 composes, with his first rock band, the music for a theater show and already has a lot of performances as a keyboardist and drummer.

22 year old , Fabrizio makes a DJ career using two vinyl Turntables like real music instruments (scratching, cutting…).
In 1996′ wins the “DMC Contest – Bulgaria” and participates in numerous contests, taking always one of the first places.

As a DJ has more than 2500 performances and plays in the biggest clubs in Bulgaria,Italy,Greece etc…
For a year he has his own Radio Show for R’n’B and Hip-Hop music.
In 2000 is an endorser of the german hand made drums company – “BD Custom Drums”.

In 2002 Fabrizio turns back in Italy and work with the rapper “RUEKA” in the “RAPPORTO” project and records the first “Rapporto” CD in the roman studio “Adelante”.
The same year Fabrizio Parisi is stated as DJ of the month (april 2002) in the of Italian DJs’ federation (FIDJAS) website.

2003: starts playing drums in the “Golden Cage” band (Venezia-Italy) and a couple of years later founds the band “VIVA”.
His song “LETTERA D’ADDIO” wins the international web contest “Emergent Music Contest 2010”.

2010: becomes the drummer of “GLORYHOLE MURDER” and records their first album.

2013: drummer of azeri Singer AMAL , with 350 live performances in Turkey for 18 months.

2014: plays Turntables, Drums and keyboards in the album of the Italian Rap Project –
JOK & RUEKA – “Tutta Scena”.

2016: – starts the project “Italian Job” in Sofia (Bulgaria) with Nikolay Danev and Antony Rikev(Wah Tony)

2017 – shoots two videos on his author music :
Steven Achikor feat Fabrizio Parisi – “Shaking it Up” – Geppy Productions/ShowTime Agency
Fabrizio Parisi & MiYan feat. Belonoga – “Sunbeams” – Kmad Productions

2018 – creates the single “Aurora” with WahTony and the voice of Belonoga
“Aurora” is a starting point for the Fabrizio Parisi & WahTony project and the new label “Hybrid Sound Records”

From 2000 to 2018 takes part in different studio and live projects, with a lot of popular musicians and groups in Europe: Dj Bobo, Laurie Simpson, Alliance Ethnics, Leo Di Angilla (T. Ferro, Jovanotti, Mike Patton), Maurizio Masi (BMS, CoreaCore), Maurizio Mariani (M. Zarrillo, The Niro), Ivan Zuccarato (J.Vannelli, G. Gaynor), Pasquale Cosco, Paolo Andriolo, Ivan Lucchetta, Fabio “Pope” Zambelli, Donatello “Tello” Mazzarotto, Chiara Luppi, Rock group “Signal”, “Ahat”, Milena Slavova, Venelin Venkov (Ku-Ku band), Amal, Jok & Rueka,WahTony…..

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