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The clumsy thief

Written by on July 18, 2012

Maria, (Fabio asked) how much you are distracted? The distraction is expensive, knows a thing an aspiring robber London. The man was going to be able to steal £ 700,000 in cash at a branch of the Halifax Bank in the British capital, but ….
The robber asked the cashier put the cash in the bag that was delivering. Except that instead of passing the bag to the cashier, gave him the object he held in his other hand. The gun. The astonishment of the cashier pushed the robber to realize that something was wrong, and he realized what he had done. The robber tried to shoot the gun, but now it was already in the hands of the treasurer.
The clumsy thief was then taken flight, with a bike that was parked outside the bank ..


Marco guarino

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