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The clumsy thief

Written by on 18/07/2012

bank robbers1Maria, (Fabio asked) how much you are distracted? The distraction is expensive, knows a thing an aspiring robber London. The man was going to be able to steal £ 700,000 in cash at a branch of the Halifax Bank in the British capital, but ….
The robber asked the cashier put the cash in the bag that was delivering. Except that instead of passing the bag to the cashier, gave him the object he held in his other hand. The gun. The astonishment of the cashier pushed the robber to realize that something was wrong, and he realized what he had done. The robber tried to shoot the gun, but now it was already in the hands of the treasurer.
The clumsy thief was then taken flight, with a bike that was parked outside the bank ..


Marco guarino

A finger for you…
medium finger

Firefighter shows the middle finger after another fine arrested in Milan. It is heavily against a woman who often parked in " no parking " in front of a school in Milan and , although he was in civilian clothes , was able to do it fine once again by his colleagues and then showed his middle finger. For this and other episodes a policeman ended up under house arrest. Not satisfied, the officer began to chase bike the woman who walked away in the car with her daughter and she scared to " get protection" has stopped and you Read more


Thelma Gratsch has just turned 90 years and a passion, "roller coaster". And so this sprightly old woman from Ohio has decided to celebrate the milestone of 90 candles hurtling at 130 km / h up and down the 75 meters of the Diamondback, the amusement park King's Island near Cincinnati. Not a novelty for Thelma since this roller coaster were inaugurated in 2009, has stamped more than 100 times the ticket.     Marco Guarino

Pee or not Pee!

A curious invention is a device that has been installed in several urinals of Michigan to invite anyone who has been drinking not to drive. Apparently a normal deodorant, the device works when wet (or rather, when someone pees on ...) and starts a recorded message, such as "Do not drink before driving, otherwise the next bathroom that you will use are to the prison. As apparently crude, this form of advertising would attract a lot of attention, much more than a regular poster, and would be particularly effective.   Marco Guarino

panoramic wheel1

PANORAMIC SEX MONACO - some porn actors were stuck in one of the cabins of the Ferris Wheel Oktoberfest Monaco of Bavaria and began shooting a film at red lights. The whole front of some astonished Italian tourists, who were already inside the cabin and saw a landscape very different from what they expected. With the intention to enjoy the ride on the wheel at the famous beer festival, the group of our countrymen was totally unprepared raid of two men armed with cameras and a woman, who immediately launched into a performance. The Italians, unable to stop the scene, Read more

Peeing in the Pool
Pipi in piscina

you 're careful when you go in the pool ? Are you sure? sure you've never peed ' ? Doing the pee in the pool because it hurts the lungs. Of who does and who does not . It was discovered by researchers at China Agricultural University and Purdue University. Blame uric acid, which helps with chlorine to form a chemical hazardous to the respiratory system. chlorine used to disinfect the pool do reaction,  giving rise to dangerous substances . These substances are inhaled by people when they swim, damaging their airways. Not only the cyanogen chloride that is formed Read more