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The "Lady Gaggaa's diet"

Written by on 26/12/2014

Lady Gaggaa Reveals to be “little out of fit” now starting a new diet method
Lady Gaggaa has revealed that she wrote the book “how to be fit in 7 days, eating 100 Donuts a day” after self proofing the benefits of her method, decided to spred over the world. ‘You all can watch my silhuette as Belly Dancer’, she said’. ‘When I’ve seen Christina Aguilera I though to myself: why renounce to eat something that I like? so I’ve started with some Kilos of Bisquits, Chocolates and all sort of cakes during my stay in Paris. Especially watching myself on the TV set lied relaxing on the sofa’, Gaggaa said. ‘Now dancing on the stage is not more a problem, she revealed, just the floor should be reinforced with irons and concrete blocks, but it’s just a structural matters’. ‘Ok, sometimes the guy dangers has some difficulties to bring me up during ballets but this has been also solved by using an invisible steel wires and a Caterpillar Crane’ she said. The content of the diet has been not yet revealed, but we can immagine the ingredients…
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