The Pets Can Help You … to Tow?

Written by on 25/05/2012

The Pets Can Help You ... to Tow?This article does not talk about how to attract women walking with a puppy in the park 😉 but I want to reflect with you on a recent research that has shown the advantages of “collateral damage” from having a pet at home.

Ok, having a pet is 1 of 7 secrets to boost your happiness … but apparently, according to some studies, University of Miami and St. Louis can benefit greatly from our little friends because they can almost be compared to friends ( to one wingman?)

“We have noted that owners of pet animals, are better in terms of welfare than those who do not. In particular, the owners of these animals have a higher self-esteem, are physically in better shape, they tend to be less lonely, have more awareness, they are more outgoing and tend to be less fearful or anxious than those who do not own ”

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WOW … I only see them the “key benefits” that might have in your inner game?!

Obviously, this study explains in detail that pets are not a substitute for friends, simply add another layer to the friends of a person already has in his life

The researchers conducted three experiments to examine the potential benefits among pet owners and “others” (being published in the American Psychological Association (APA).
Study # 1:

They interviewed 217 people and, in all cases, pet owners were happier, healthier and more balanced than the others.
Study # 2:

A second study surveyed Proprietary of 56 dogs to determine if they have greater social benefits than the other. The study showed that the owners have greater feelings of belonging, esteem, and a life more meaningful.
Study # 3:

The latest study, interviewing 97 students, has determined that pets can make you feel better after an experience of rejection (serving of everything :))

So …. Tell me, what do you think he knows?

We’re going to adopt a pet in a kennel / cattery? (Do not be selfish, remember that you must be able to make him happy, too!)




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