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TOP 10 POLLS OF 2013!

Written by on January 25, 2013

chillypeppertop ten of the polls more ‘hot in 2013:
10 – The laptops can affect man’s fertility
9 – The men who would betray his wife more likely to suffer the “penile fracture”.
8 – Women “nerd” (who are passionate about technology and video games) have a better sex life
7 – Women tend to be more bisexual with increasing age
6 – One in five women prefer sex to Facebook
5 – A student out of four would be willing to give up sex in exchange for electronic textbooks
4 – The propensity of a woman to orgasm is related to the shape of the lips.
3 – College students prefer compliments to sex.
2 – 25% of the people answering the phone while having sex
1 – Women think more to food than sex


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