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Veronica Vega ft. Quavo – A Million (Kayla Collins Remix) New Latin single for Quavo and Veronica Vega, video

Written by on November 2, 2019

Veronica Vega ft. Quavo – A Million (Kayla Collins Remix) New Latin job and new dentist job all together, video 

Here we find the usual plot of reggaeton music videos: expensive cars, beautiful women and twerking performances, as usual showing off wealth. One cannot but notice the strong resemblance between Veronica Vega and Lady Gaga, imitated in this video both in the look and in the movements.

This was the occasion for Quavo to show his latest musical work and also his last job at the dentist. In fact, Quavo repeatedly shows his teeth set with gold and diamonds of several million. Surely he will have some problems during the consumption of food, he will have to be careful not to eat hard candies in order not to swallow some diamond that will have to wait patiently for the exit …

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