VIBEE NEWS: The great return of Vinyl Records

Written by on 16/07/2017

Will the Vinyl Have a Second Life?
turntable recordClassic vinyl records are about to reach and exceed one million sold units estimated by the end of 2017.

New data shows that in the first nine months of this year nearly 800,000 vinyl albums have been sold, which has already exceeded the number one last year.

The vinyl, almost close to extinction, returns in great style not only to enthusiasts and collectors but also to a wider range of buyers.

A branch of the Japanese company Sony Music announced the launch of its own recording facility in March next year to meet the huge vinyl demand in the country.

Sony Music Japan closed its production of vinyl in production in 1989 after the advent of CDs, entering the market in 1982 and dominating for the next two decades.

However, in a worldwide trend, vinyl sales in Japan have increased in the last four years and the only vinyl producer at the national level is unable to cope with the demand by asking Sony to enter.

Only one of the 10 best vinyl tracks this year was released for the first time in 2014 – the author of Royal Blood’s debut.

BPI spokesman Lynne McDowell said, “Vinyl can be considered a byproduct of a past era, but now it’s a floral element that goes back to a digital era.

“In an increasingly digital world, it seems that music enthusiasts still want a tangible product that offers original artwork, high-quality audio and sound purity.

“Vinyl enthusiasts are now able to enjoy the rebirth of the format with a number of publications available on the format from emerging and established acts.

This is a similar story in Europe where most of the vinyl for the main and independent labels are pressed by only two power plants, GZ-based media in the Czech Republic and the record industry in the Netherlands. However, their combined capacity of more than 100,000 records a day is not enough to keep up with global demands.


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