YG, Tyga, Jon Z, How to join HIPHOP and Latin-mexican rhytmn to create a perfect summer mixture…Go Loko

Written by on May 28, 2019

POP NEWS: The famous Los Angeles gangster rapper YG joined Tyga and Jon Z to create the hip hop rhymn inspired by the perfect Latinx for the summer.

The video is a nod to Latinx culture in southern California. As for the video, all the artists incorporated cowboy hats, flannels, long white shirts and bandanas, and they were definitely well dressed for the occasion. But, in the music video, the lyrics of YG, Tyga and Jon Z were equally well constructed lyrics for the song. While the verses YG and Tyga contain more than one West Coast feeling, Jon Spice stands out when he jumps and starts rapping in Spanish on women and four Lokos. Guided by a fluid melody “Go Loko” is produced by DJ Mustard. Ultimately, “Go Loko” brings West Coast hip hop with a Latin flare and is a song that should be repeated this summer.

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