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Taylor Swift and ZAYN have released the music video for “I do not want to live forever,” their collaboration on the soundtrack Fifty shades of black. the song marks the sexiest voice display of Swift to this day – that the display uses to his advantage. Set in a London hotel twilight, the clip follows […]

Pitbull just released a new single “Options” with Stephen Marley. “I have a whole block names, and a whole block of numbers, but I throw them away ’cause I think I could only love you … The track is the last one from 10 studio albums Pitbull “climate change” It is featured with Enrique Iglesias […]

BRUNO MARS: DREAM OR REALITY? Creative, always different, alternative and intelligent. It is what we can say about Bruno Mars. In his career we have seen it with simple melodic songs, playing the piano for a beautiful girl, then the street dancing to the rhythm of swing and now … ‘That’s what I like! “That’s […]

So Good is the second studio album by Swedish singer and composer Zara Larsson, “The Guardian newspaper” has described the album as “sugar-soaked pop postmodern” saying Larsson is like a “teenager Rihanna-doting a party in tropical house. The song includes the collaboration of the American guest rapper Ty Dolla $ign. The song plays out at […]

The song is accompanied by the voice of the American singer-songwriter “Emily Warren” who previously co-wrote the single duet “Do not Let Me Down”. The American model Martha Hunt, the protagonist in the video, in a house that starts floating and rising towards the sky, with the duo watching from the ground. Towards the end […]

Oblivia, a special amusement park with an intimate message to life: it is the new video for Katy Perry “Chained to the rhythm.” As always, Katy’s songs have inherent messages: she runs through the park, while examining what really drives us in life: the dream of owning a home, love, family and more. Perry achieves […]

The video clip, directed by “Derek Hough” In emotional visual chronicle of a couple of young, since They first met as children, to literally grow old together. A story like many others, perhaps our own, but which always manages to human emotions. the video offers beautiful dance choreography that creates a prefect harmony between the […]

Sia: an Hide Face behind an amazing voice” Sia, the Grammy-nominated artist She is surely one of the biggest musical geniuses in Hollywood, she is The brains behind many hits from Beyonce, Rihanna, and Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Jessie J. But she is incredibly shy when it comes to showing her face. So you can’t never see her face in her […]

You surely remember when Shakira hypnotize us since “Hip Don’t Lie”  With her seductive choreography and sultry voice. Fast forward 11 years later, and we’re just as mesmerized. The 39-year-old singer is now breaking records with her new music video “Chantaje” featuring fellow Colombian Maluma.  The 22-year-old sexy guy and the superstar were undoubtedly a lethal […]

What do you remember about Nelly Furtado? Nelly Furtado is a canadian singer and songwriter of portuguese origins. She gained fame with her debut album in 2000 (Whoa, Nelly!) , known in particular thanks to “I’m like a bird” and “Turn off the light”. The most famous album of her career was “Loose” released in […]

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