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Promote your music program ART DIRECTOR











  Random played during the day

  Rotate both on Radio & TV

  Brief Bio Intro on JET HITS page

  Song Cover Shown on play page

  Song can be voted by audience








  Random played during the day

  Rotate both on Radio & TV

  Extended Bio on JET HITS Page

  Song Cover Shown on play page

  Song can be voted by audience

  Song linked to socials







  Played every two hours daily Radio+TV

  Exclusive Bio Page

  Song Cover with link to personal page

  Song can be voted + shown on front page

   Song linked to socials and playable

   One week mentioned into JET HITS Showcase




V2BEAT TV is a non-profit organization that intends to promote emerging music artists and all those who believe they are making their debut in the world music scene with quality songs and videos.
V2BEAT TV is regularly seen by hundred thousands of loyal TV viewers from all over the world, so it’s a great opportunity to make your brand known and grow worldwide.

For this reason we have thought of a support initiative by everyone to promote own music to be spread to all visual listeners and watcher.

What marketing characteristics do our audiences have? here is a short excerpt from our visitor statistics.


“V2BEAT TV is a very popular online channel in the European music scene. It is a radio and TV channel entirely dedicated to POP and DANCE music, with a particular focus on current charts and trends in European countries.

Some key features of V2BEAT TV:

  • It broadcasts 24/7 the best POP, DANCE, and EDM music videos in rotation.
  • Every week, it presents the European TOP40 chart with analysis and insights on artists.
  • It has various programs dedicated to new releases, previews, and trending playlists.
  • V2BEAT TV organizes contests for audience voting and interaction through chat with the hosts.
  • It has a large community of listeners, mainly between the ages of 18-35.
  • It is available both via the web and through a mobile app, reaching millions of views per month.

Thanks to its engaging format and constant updates on the latest music, V2BEAT TV has become a reference point for fans of the European POP/DANCE scene. It is an excellent promotional platform for artists and labels.”

As for statistics, the provided information is not based on official statistics but offers estimated insights into the channel’s reach and audience. These statistics include:

  • An estimated 5 million unique monthly visitors to the V2BEAT TV website and app.
  • The countries with the highest traffic from V2BEAT TV include USA, Spain, France, and Germany.
  • The average age of users is around 25-30 years, with a predominantly male audience (>65%).
  • Popular programs like the European TOP40 chart and new single previews generate over 150,000 views each.
  • The most visited pages are those dedicated to new music videos, indicating a strong interest in the latest releases.
  • Users spend an average of over 10 minutes on the site/app, showing high engagement with the content.

These estimates provide an approximate idea of the channel’s reach and performance as a well-established hub for POP/DANCE music enthusiasts.

Age V2beat

Affinity V2beat

In Market V2beat


We have therefore set up several promotion opportunities:




As the name says, this will allow to run the given music song for one week into the daily scheduled rotation. The Free promotional song will be played out randomly during the 24h programming being included into the show segment called “JET HITS”. This segment is played out twice every hours.

The “Free Promotion” program offers a range of promotional services for music at no cost. Here’s an explanation of what’s included in this program:

  1. Random Played During the Day: Your music will be played randomly at different times during the day. This means that your song will have airplay on the radio or TV channel without following a fixed schedule.
  2. Rotate Both on Radio & TV: Your music will be featured on both the radio and TV channels. This provides exposure on multiple platforms, increasing the chances of reaching a wider audience.
  3. Brief Bio Intro on JET HITS Page: A brief introduction or biography of you as an artist or the band will be featured on the “JET HITS” page. This helps the audience learn more about the artist behind the music.
  4. Song Cover Shown on Play Page: The cover art of your song will be displayed on the play page. This is the visual representation of your music and can be visually engaging for the audience.
  5. Song Can Be Voted by Audience: Listeners will have the opportunity to vote for your song. This means that the audience can express their appreciation for your music by voting, which can further promote your song’s popularity


The “Extended Promotion” program is designed to provide extended and more comprehensive promotional services for your music. Here’s an explanation of what’s included in this program:

  1. Random Played During the Day: Your music will continue to be played randomly at various times during the day, ensuring consistent airplay on the radio or TV channel over the course of four weeks.
  2. Rotate Both on Radio & TV: Just like in the free promotion program, your music will be featured on both their radio and TV channels, maximizing your exposure across different platforms.
  3. Extended Bio on JET HITS Page: In this program, you’ll receive an extended biography or introduction on the “JET HITS” page. This provides more in-depth information about you as an artist or your band.
  4. Song Cover Shown on Play Page: Your song’s cover art will continue to be displayed on the play page, offering a visual representation of your music for the audience.
  5. Song Can Be Voted by Audience: Listeners can still vote for your song, contributing to its popularity and reach.
  6. Song Linked to Socials: Your song will be linked to your social media profiles. This means that listeners who enjoy your music can easily connect with you on your social media platforms, fostering engagement and a deeper connection with your audience.

This extended promotion program spans four weeks and is available at a cost of €49.90. It provides more extensive promotion and engagement opportunities compared to the free promotion program, making it a suitable choice for artists looking to amplify their music reach and engage with their audience on a more extended basis.


The “Premium Promotion” program is a comprehensive and extended promotion package designed to give your music extensive exposure and elevate it to a higher level. Here’s an explanation of what’s included in this program:

  1. Played Every Two Hours Daily Radio+TV: Your music will receive regular and frequent airplay, being played every two hours daily on both the radio and TV channels. This ensures that your music is consistently featured and reaches a broad audience.
  2. Exclusive Bio Page: You will have a dedicated bio page. This page provides in-depth information about you as an artist or your band, allowing fans and listeners to get to know you better.
  3. Song Cover with Link to Personal Page: Your song’s cover art will be displayed, and it will be linked to a personal page. This personal page can contain additional information about you, your music, and your career.
  4. Song Can Be Voted + Shown on Front Page: Listeners can vote for your song, contributing to its popularity, and your song will be prominently featured on the front page of the platform.
  5. Song Linked to Socials and Playable: Your song will be linked to your social media profiles, making it easy for fans to connect with you on social media. Additionally, the song will be playable on the platform.
  6. One Week Mentioned into JET HITS Showcase: Your music will be highlighted and showcased for one week in the “JET HITS Showcase,” which can further increase your visibility and reach.

This premium promotion program spans two months and is available at a cost of €149.90. It provides a comprehensive and exclusive package for artists looking to take their music to the next level and potentially gain more recognition and fans.


V2BEAT TV primarily focuses on playing POP and DANCE music, with an emphasis on songs in English and Spanish to reach a wide audience. To have your music considered for their promotional plans, it’s important to adhere to the guidelines and recommendations, which include:

  1. Content Suitable for All Ages: V2BEAT TV is viewed also by a very young audience and adheres to content standards that are suitable for children. This means that explicit content, swear words, insults, religious and political extremes, discrimination, intolerance, disrespect toward the environment and animals, pollution, narcotic substances, obscenities, online gambling, and violence are not tolerated.
  2. Respect and Good Intentions: The channel aims to spread respect and good intentions to its audience through its multimedia content.


Given these guidelines, they are more likely to consider music from the following product sectors that align with their programming style and worldwide audience:

  1. Clean and Family-Friendly Music: Music that is free from explicit content, swear words, and offensive themes.
  2. Pop and Dance Genres: Music that falls within the POP and DANCE genres is in line with V2BEAT programming style.
  3. Multilingual Songs: Music in English and Spanish to cater to their diverse viewership.
  4. Positive and Uplifting Themes: Songs that promote positivity and good intentions.
  5. Non-Political and Non-Religious Content: Music that does not delve into political or religious extremes.
  6. Environmentally Conscious and Animal-Friendly Themes: Music that raises awareness about environmental issues and respects animals.
  7. Non-Promotion of Narcotics and Obscenities: Music that does not promote narcotic substances or obscenities.
  8. Non-Promotion of Violence: Music that does not contain violent or aggressive themes.

If your music and content align with these guidelines, you are more likely to be considered for the promotional plans on V2BEAT TV.



To be considered for promotion on V2BEAT, it’s essential to submit music accompanied by a high-impact video. V2BEAT TV is primarily a video channel, and having a compelling video to accompany your music is crucial for capturing the attention of viewers.

Please keep in mind that the decision to accept or feature music on V2BEAT is at the discretion of their team.

It’s advisable to create a visually engaging and professionally produced music video that aligns with the channel’s style and guidelines.

If your music and video meet the standards, it will have a better chance of being accepted and promoted on V2BEAT.

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