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“Welcome to the May edition of ‘Pop Reactions’ on V2beat TV hosted by Jay Gram. In this episode, we dive into the latest pop dance music releases of 2024. SZA’s soulful track ‘Saturn’ sets the tone with its introspective lyrics, followed by Sam Feldt’s feel-good anthem ‘The Confession.’ Olly Alexander, known for his acting in ‘It’s a Sin,’ surprises us with the catchy ‘Dizzy.’ We also shine a spotlight on Kelsie Kimberlin’s indie-pop gem ‘Parking Lot,’ featured on V2BEAT’s promo playlist. Stay tuned for reviews, gossip, and more!”

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Filmed on location in Washington D.C. over two solitary nights, Kelsie acts as the sole director, cinematographer and star. She casts herself as a conflicted protagonist navigating heartache within the confines of an empty parking garage. Stripped back shots of Kelsie brooding alone in her vehicle offer a quietly piercing performer showcase.

Juxtaposed are candid footage of happier memories with an ex-lover rolling in the background. Kelsie’s poignant delivery of raw lyrics like “There’s things left unsaid but you’re already gone” achieve maximum impact without superfluous stylings.

Through understated storytelling and Kelsie’s naturally emotive presence, universal themes of reminiscence and regret are communicated. The video’s minimalist approach amplifies the song’s vulnerability in a distinctly powerful way.

With “Parking Lot,” Kelsie Kimberlin introduces herself as a multi-talented artist adept at translating intimate self-penned works for visual mediums. It’s clear her original songcraft and growing directing chops make her an undeniably compelling storyteller poised for future success.

“Experience the pulse of the latest pop sensations with ‘Pop Reactions: New Pop Dance Music 2024 – March Edition’ exclusively on V2beat TV! Join host JAY GRAM as he unveils a captivating lineup of fresh releases for February and March. From the soulful collaboration of Ella Henderson and Rudimental in ‘Alibi’ to the ethereal charm of Blanka’s ‘Cara Mia,’ immerse yourself in a world of infectious rhythms and mesmerizing melodies. Feel the uplifting energy of Benson Boone’s ‘Beautiful Things’ and the heartfelt emotion of James Arthur’s ‘Bitter Sweet Love.’ Tune in for a musical journey that will keep you dancing and dreaming. Don’t miss out on the excitement – stay connected with the latest releases on V2beat TV!”

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Hey, fantastic people! It’s your main man, JAY GRAM, bringing you the freshest vibes in town with POP REACTIONS. Buckle up because on today’s V2BEAT rotation special, we’re diving headfirst into the musical realms of some incredible artists. Get ready for the lowdown on tracks here described! The Knocks & Sofi Tukker for music collaboration […]



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