COMPLICITY BETWEEN MADONNA AND ARIANA GRANDE DECLARED BY THE “QUEEN OF POP” THROUGH A VIDEO SHARING. By Cisca Benitez Madonna has always shown to the World that she doesn’t mince one’s word to express her opinion about younger pop stars. But Ariana Grande, the young 23 years old popstar , shall not to be afraid […]

  Madonna Gives Mil to Her Shaky Malawi Charity, K to Sean Penn’s Haiti … Madonna donated $ 1 million in 2014 to her Raising Malawi Foundation, a shaky group trying to improve its public persona after being linked with the cult Kabbalah Center for years. Last year Madonna donated $ 1,250,000 directly to Kabbalah. […]

Madonna and Motherhood: How The Queen of Pop Bridges Generational Gaps It was okay that I didn’t have a mom who could talk to me about sex and boys and music because now I had Madonna. From the first tinny notes of “Borderline” to her black rubber bracelets to her confident, boyish bouncy skip/walk to […]

|| NOW LIVE ON CHANNEL || watch in full size: Madonna VS Lady Gaga – Fails Compilation. Video Rating: 3 / 5

Madonna Rebel Heart: Pharrell Williams collaboration and 13 more songs leaked Now, 14 more tracks have also been released into circulation without Madonna's permission, including include Tragic Girl, Beautiful Scars, Iconic and Freedom, Billboard reports. The songs also include a collaboration between Madonna and Pharrell … Read more on The Independent Pharrell Williams' lawyer after […]

Let’s talk about that Madonna has made a shocking confession. has ruled that a U.S. magazine, Just moved to New York from Michingan, was robbed with a gun, pushed with a knife in the back on the roof of a building and raped. and to make matters worse his apartment was burgled three times. . […]

THE POWER OF MADONNA According to Madonna, people are intimidated by his power. The singer is thrilled by his popularity, but would like to be treated as a person rather than as a subject to be kept at a distance. ‘When women reach this kind of power, are not understood, but instead are discrediting’, Madonna […]

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