A new heavenly song from Tamiga & 2bad: Paradise

Written by on 27/11/2020

A new heavenly song from Tamiga & 2bad: Paradise, World Premiere on V2BEAT Music television

The very nice Romanian singer duo, Tamiga & 2BAD are back this winter season with a new single. The video portrays the singer in a slightly romantic-sensual way in an ethereal atmosphere. The track follows what was already well heard previously with the singles “in Havana”, “love Is Is The Air”, “Baby C’est La Vie”. The combination of melodic POP music and typically middle-European sounds is listened to well and makes the track rich in sonic details that convince an attentive listening audience. Let’s enjoy the new single from Tamiga & 2BAD entitled “Paradise” from this week in rotation on V2BEAT Music television.
World Premiere.


Tamiga And 2bad Paradise (premiere)

Tamiga And 2bad Paradise (premiere)


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Tamiga&2Bad have filmed in a haunted place

Enjoying international success, the two artists loved by a varied public are launching today a new song with a fresh sound and oriental influences. The music video for “AYAYA” was filmed inside the Bazilescu Summer Theatre, which is considered one of the five most haunted places in Bucharest. “There’s a rumor on the Internet according to which the theatre is haunted by the ghost of Bazilescu, a jurist who donated the land where the park was created. Also, there’s a website presenting the story of this place, where people who are interested in an expedition to this theatre can look for proofs regarding these rumors”


On day 9th July @5pm (UTC+2h) Roma time during POP NEWS Episode we had live from Bucharest singer duo TAMIGA & 2Bad –tune on https://vibee.tv/webpage-player

here below the entire interview:



During the episode of POP NEWS, with the company of DJGA$, we had the pleasure to get in connection with Bucharest (Romania) discovering the Duo singer Tamiga & 2Bad, let’s watch the video interview:





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