Another masterpiece signed by “Monoir” is out with “Oulala”, watch video

Written by on 28/02/2020

Imagine a lazy afternoon on the French Riviera, with nothing but a soft Spanish guitar rhythm and a summer love affair to melt your heart forever! Riding this year’s hot Latin musical wave, Oulala is a pop-dance romantic getaway with a touch of French sexiness.

3RIN says, as it is him that he was with the guitar,

«It was the end of August and I was enjoying a cold drink on the terrace, playing with some chords on my guitar. Over this Spanish rhythm I started humming; «cause you are looking oulala, I hope tonight that you are solala». The line stuck to my mind for 2 hours – this had to become a song. A couple of days later I was jamming on my guitar again, in my bathroom. I find it soothing to sing and play with all the reverb in there. With my eyes closed, the lights switched off and nothing but a lit candle making shadows of my guitar dance on the walls, I came up with the pre-chorus. All of a sudden my debut single was born.», 3RIN says when we ask him about the song.

Short after, he figured this would be the perfect duet, so he sent ex class mate EHNA a text, attaching the song and asking her to add her voice to the track. She didn’t have to think twice.

In collaboration with Cristian Tarcea/Monoir of Thrace Music, they finalized the song together. With an instant clear view of what the video was gonna be, Cristian transformed 3RIN into a daydreaming florist, mesmerized by a customers beauty. Rich on flirtatious looks, slow paced moves and silky vocals, this pearl can turn any flower shop into a dance floor!

Erin Danet, a young songwriter known as 3RIN, lives close to the heart of Romania, in Brasov. From his early childhood years he developed a passion for playing music on guitar and drums, so he ended up studying canto and piano at the Tudor Ciortea Highschool. An avid follower of Thrace Music’s sound, he tried his luck a few years ago to get in touch with Monoir. From here to his first release with Thrace was just a couple of emails and a handful of productive studio sessions. Oulala is just the start of what seems to be a long musical adventure with lots of Latin influences and pop references.


From this week on V2BEAT Music television


A Short Video taken @V2BEAT Music Television during airplay of the videoclip




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