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Harry Styles does not run away but remains in a room full of water drowning, but it is love

Written by on March 9, 2020

Harry Styles is out these days (March 2020), with his new melodic single titled “Falling”.

This time we see the ex of the boy-band “One Direction”  immersed in the (hot) water that slowly rises up throughout the hall. Incredibly the water comes out of the piano that Harry is playing, until it fills the floor and then the walls. Harry continues to sing his despair perhaps out of unrequited love. A nice cinematic trick dramatizes the song. It is not clear the reason for this extreme gesture, that is letting him drown while singing. He’ll probably explain it to us in some interview. In the meantime, let’s listen and watch this beautiful piece of music.

Harry Styles – falling

From this week playing on V2BEAT Music television

Written for you by IvanS