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Bozhidar Kostov AKA BojoPowerPlay / DJ Resident for DJ MIX by BojoPowerPlay

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My name is Bozhidar Kostov. I am born in the small town of Provadia, close to the city of Varna, in Bulgaria.

I have my passion for music since I was a boy, but especially, to being a DJ when I became 20 years old, when I started experimenting the mix of two songs. I realized that it happens well and it became very interesting to me and then I started to make more experiments with more songs and different styles. And this is how it comes –I make mixes up to date.

The nick name”BojoPowerPlay” comes from my curiosity when I watched radios and TV’s with the hottest hits and I decided this will be my nick name.

Since 2018 I sent my set to V2Beat TV and the music editor approved it, whom I appreciate a lot. I send my mix each week and it is broadcasted every Friday night . I hope you like the sets that I prepare for you. Any critics, offers or if you just want to contact me, you can reach me at: