New released 10 min Micromix from DJ Daniele Milani: Rita Ora, L. Grammar, A. Soler, Jorja Smith

Written by on 02/04/2021


 10 min Micromix by Daniele Milani: Here my new released 10 min Micromix from DJ Daniele Milani:  In this Micromix I’ll play: Rita Ora x Imanbek, Bang Bang (Extended Mix); London Grammar – How Does It Feel (Paul Woolford Extended Remix); Alvaro Soler – Magic (M.O.R.E. Remix). And finally, Jorja Smith – Addicted (mindtrix remix); enjoy listening to my new MICROMIX on V2beat music television.

New Micromix this week which includes 4 tracks

This 10′ MICROMIX Will be played on 02/04/21 @19:50

1 – Rita Ora x Imanbek, Bang Bang (Extended Mix)
‘Rita Ora’, pseudonym of ‘Rita Sahatçiu’, is a naturalized British singer, actress and Kosovar TV personality. Since the beginning of your recording career you have made your debut thirteen times in the top ten of UK singles with four first positions.
New single from the singer and actress. Excellent track Dance, as always beautiful of her vocal performance and astute of her to put the sampling of the soundtrack of the film ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ of the 80s.

2 – London Grammar – How Does It Feel (Paul Woolford Extended Remix)
‘The London Grammar’ is a British musical group formed in Nottingham and composed of singer ‘Hannah Reid’, multi-instrumentalist ‘Dot Major’ and guitarist ‘Dan Rothman’.
The London trio offers this very interesting new track. They usually produce songs with electronic and ambient sounds, but this single is Dance with a pleasant singing that is easy for all ears. The remix work of the mittico ‘Paul Woolford’ is crazy. All very good.

3 – Alvaro Soler – Magic (M.O.R.E. Remix)
‘Álvaro Tauchert Soler’ is a Spanish singer-songwriter. He rose to international prominence between 2015 and 2016 thanks to the singles El mismo sol and Sofia, which became hits in much of Europe.
I don’t like Latin sounds at all. But I like ‘Alvaro Soler’, I always find him cute and funny in his singles, like his new track for the summer.
Also nice is the remix that turns a song from Latin Pop to Latin Dance.

4 – Jorja Smith – Addicted (mindtrix remix)
‘Jorja Alice Smith’, known simply as ‘Jorja Smith’, is a British singer-songwriter. After a series of independent releases, she gets more visibility in 2017 thanks to the collaboration with rapper ‘Drake’ on the song Get It Together
Very beautiful and fresh this new single of her. You play Dance with excellent musical construction. Very beautiful her voice. Brava.

Good listening on V2BEAT

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This 10′ MICROMIX Will be played on 02/04/21 @19:50


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